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World Class Website Design with Integrated SEO & Marketing Features

Stream Designer offers beautifully designed, functional websites…but we’re more than just a pretty face…

Our web packages also offer the ultimate in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.
What this means for you is that your business will have the ability to SKYROCKET its way to the top of the Google rankings, with no effort on your part.
Social media audiences will be yours for the taking, as your website will be up front, highly visible and in demand.


Time-Saving Options

Stream Designer provides an unprecedented array of amazing options for your website. Imagine how much time, work and effort you’ll save with these features:

E –newsletters


Integrated Google Analytics

Social Media Built Right In

To get your brand noticed and talked about, Social Media is the only way to go.

Here’s what we can do:

  • Integrate Social media links , show comments from social networks and allow for quick sharing of social content
  • Provide you with a corporate Facebook page, a Facebook ad campaign and Facebook banner ads
  • Set up a Google+ corporate page, a keyword-based Google adword campaign and banner ads
  • Content writing service for your blog, landing pages or web pages.

—– And this is just the beginning

Powerful SEO Features


  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Auto blogger
  • E-newsletters
  • Custom Google search
  • Social marketing
  • Tag cloud
  • Smart pop-ups
  • Slide Ins
  • Live feed (like FB feed)
  • Social media links
  • Comments from social networks
  • Quick sharing of social content

Email Marketing

  • Auto-responder integration
  • Email content writing
  • Sign-up forms

Corporate Videos

  • Script writing
  • Presenter
  • Cartoon illustrations
  • Whiteboard
  • Tutorials
  • Video testimonials


  • Commercial Videos

Landing Pages

  • Design
  • Content writing

Website / Blogs

  • SEO Content writing service


  • Facebook integration
  • Corporate Facebook Page
  • Facebook Ads (campaign)
  • Facebook Ads (banner graphics)


  •  Corporate Page
  • Google+ integration

Google Adwords

  • Google Adwords
  • Keyword based Adwords
  • Remarketing
  • Banner Ads (campaign)
  • Banner Ads (banner graphics)